Recommended Holsters

  • Firing side, outside waistband (OWB) belt holsters are recommended for all handgun classes.  Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters, depending on style, are permitted for all classes, but are not recommended.  IWB holsters should not be worn forward or past the firing side hip for range use.
  • Holsters must have full trigger guard coverage.
  • Holsters should have a vertical cant.
    • FBI cant holsters are allowed, but discouraged.
    • Holsters with a cant greater than 15 degrees are not allowed.
    • Thumb-breaks must be taped out of the way.
    • Blackhawk Serpa or similar holsters requiring trigger finger release mechanisms are not allowed.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO THIGH HOLSTERS, even for advanced handgun students.
    • Leather holsters are acceptable provided they are rigid enough to remain open when the gun is withdrawn and their thumb-breaks can be taped out of the way.

In general, we recommend Kydex or injection molded polymer holsters when possible. Factory supplied Springfield Armory XD/XDM holsters are not recommended.  They are excellent carry holsters but do not perform well when used in our courses as they are not designed for the frequency of use we demand of them.

If you have a question regarding the usability of a specific holster, please email the Front Sight Pro Shop at or call 702-837-7433 x200.

  • Preferred holsters are the Blade-Tech Classic or Revolution, and either two single magazine pouches or one double magazine pouch. Visit the Blade-Tech website, and enter voucher code FSTACM13 when checking out to receive a special Front Sight discount, and priority shipping within 2 weeks. Blade-Tech’s IDPA Competition Pack is a perfect example of great gear for you to train with.
  • Fobus holsters, while most styles are usable in our courses, are specifically NOT recommended due to retention and fit issues.

The Front Sight Pro Shop makes an effort to keep holsters in stock for the most popular guns, but cannot guarantee that we will have one for you and your gun when you arrive.  Please order through the Blade-Tech website shown above early enough to ensure you receive your holster prior to your class.