4-Day Shotgun, Gun & Gear Package

Your rental package includes everything you need to participate in the Front Sight 4-Day Tactical Shotgun Course, minus ammunition.

Ammunition is NOT included with your rental package! If you are renting a gun from Front Sight we require the use of ammunition purchased through the Ammo Bunker at Front Sight. You can contact the Ammo Bunker for pricing and pre-purchase.  Go to the Ammo Bunker's webpage for more information.

Electronic ears are required for the course and may be added to your purchase below.

  • 4-Day Rental Package: $200
  • 4-Day Rental Package (Benelli): $240
  • 4-Day Rental Package (Hawk): $160
  • Electronic Ears: Add $40

The price will be updated in your shopping cart.

Your rental package includes:

  • Shotgun of your choice, with sling
  • Shotgun shell carrier
  • Belt to support shell carrier
  • Eye protection
  • Shoulder recoil pad
  • Elbow and knee Pads

The kit comes complete in a carry box.

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  • Front sight credit cannot be applied to sales tax. Front Sight will charge 7.6% Nevada Sales Tax to your credit card.
  • A 25% restocking fee will be applied to all orders cancelled within the 14 days prior to the start of the course start.
  • Membership discount can only be applied to guns and rental gear to be USED by the owner of that membership. Membership discounts cannot be applied to guns and rental gear to be used by others.
  • Membership discounts are calculated after the order has been submitted. You will be charged the discounted price. If you are using Front Sight credits then your membership discount will not apply.

Note: Front Sight policy requires all students to have electronic hearing protection. You can bring your own, purchase at the Front Sight Pro Shop when you arrive, or add to your rental kit.

Note: 7.6% Nevada Sales Tax will be added.

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